by Blindfoot

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Our debut EP


released September 2, 2014

All songs written and preformed by Blindfoot
Lyrics for "More Time" By Jordan Daché and Walter "Spuddy" Gawlak
Recorded by Pablo Cabrera at Precocios Studios
Photography by Spencer Gritis



all rights reserved


Blindfoot Fairfax, Virginia

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Track Name: Hoops
you try your best to second guess the way my pattern past the test you timed
but resistantly I disagree , I see too much of my life on the line
for me to jump through hoops for some sort of second life with you
I'm done with my food may i be excused

I can't feel my brain
I think it sank
in memories of
you and all the rest
who tore my chest
to find a heart

every time you crossed my mind, that night I'd see a sign in the streets
directing me to where I need to be
every breath you take I see the words forming around your teeth
bliss and ignorance.. I guess they are the same thing
Please..... Don't... Go...
I don't ... Don't.... Know.....

I can't feel my brain
I think it sank
in memories of
you and all the rest
who tore my chest
to find a heart
Track Name: Explode
You're welcome for what? I still question
You're leaving because, the best's what is meant for me i so-pose
All of the buzz, I believed,and became part of, explode!

So shut down your speech, And leave with out taking
Nothing you don't need, as long as you can breath and stay awake late
At night, when you'll indeed have to meet and let all the words go

Between the bottled up emotions and the beautiful adieu's
I swam the equivalent of an ocean, with out a paddle or canoe

All of the time, I see right in front of me,
reasons why I'm, more worthless and possibly
Waisting my time, or my mind, or probably both

Back in the world, the motions go endlessly
Moving along, despite my hypocrisy
Regrets each of their own, some have shown them and shared them with me...

I'm sure i offended you over the phone
but don"t sit there pretending when ya left me alone
you'll always have the best of me, even when its wrong
you know you've got a tendency to make me explode
Track Name: Weird Words
We met last spring
At first of course I thought nothing
Of you or how your charm might be
A bit to much for me to weigh

In secret we met
Time after time in hopes to protect
A promise we swore not to forget
But vowed to never show a trace

In a way, it began
To enforce and demand
All my lies to expand past the seal

Inside your room
You played for me your newest tune
What made you sing started butterfly's bloom
I couldn't help but do the same

The constant exchange
Of songs, quotes, questions and games
Were wonderful but didn't explain
Why all my words were filled with shame

Just what I feared
Suspicion here and words all feel weird
Our secretes out and your smile disappeared
I wonder if I should do the same

Listen dear I can't speak
Unless i lie, thats just weak
I've got to try to keep a grip on the wheel

whats your deal with setting records
I find the pattern very checkered
and they never ever last, someones always right, square on your tail
watching waiting contemplating

listen here, there's something better
then letting your love pass with the weather
another sweater every season till the time
you change your mind
Track Name: Twice, Thrice, Five
I'm at a loss of words because, they don't bare any weight
tick tock, I'll toss and turn too late
to avoid being rude, I'll construct this audited to view, some other side of you
but over time, it'll crumble, it'll die

and for a moment my mind's made my
tongue twist twice thrice, five

I don't know where I'm going
but I wouldn't go, before exploding

Paint me a picture, to pixelate the image, I need a vision of the words that you speak
Because the mixture of the letters in your sentences are clever but they never ever ever make me think
you know I hear ya, and it's clear that, you got no clue, what you want or what I want or want to do
so lets just settle all the scores, never come looking back for more, and if you could ignore me I implore you do

leave me for moment, now it's easy to go roaming, knowing the scenery realer than a screen
so in the middle of a storm, like the one when god tore open a door revealing the floor in the pharos sea,
see you're the pharaoh, and the passage keeps getting narrow, as you're slinging arrows coming after me
but soon the sea will claim it's trespassers who remain and rid them, it's all in the prophase

I know you expect more than a stare to glare back into, we have nothing to share
so in a word or three or five, I'll explain my silence
this all seems wrong beyond repair, give back to the people who really care
but you don't care to side with
Track Name: More Time
Another step ahead, another carving etched in our lives,
Begotton reasons and excuses bring another sunrise.
You wear the shoes you think they fit its all inside of your mind,
The clouds are rolling in around you making it hard to find.
You paint another picture, hope that this one wont turn out gray
He's Grinded, tired, gilded weakness; guilt from previous days
Options presented, Winding loops along an elegant track
Certain things are not forgotten, though they will never come back

now I,feel all alone
from the bones in every finger and it lingers to my toes
but I try to be at peace
because the words in every sentence that you mentioned speaks to me

Rewind the years, recall what you'd pursue in the blink of an eye
Nothing retains its value now as much as thorns in your spine
Enjoy the sound of seasons cycling in and out of time
for now its feels like forever but it's because you choose to keep in mind
That constant question that just cant crawl to the tip of your tongue
I was blinded by the silence, I wish some things were just said and not done
recited word remain at bay as assumptions sour my brain
I can't play charades any more, your slowly driving me insane

now I,feel all alone
from the bones in every finger and it lingers to my toes
but I try to be at peace
because the words in every sentence that you mentioned speaks to me
now is it fair for me to call
in the middle of the night when no ones awake at all?
now now the suns about to rise
for a moment I was hoping that I had a bit more time

Wake up my baby, how have you been lately? Swear it's not true
you say days come and they pass, each dull as the last,
save me from my right to make up my mind
tell me you mean it, I wanna meet this maker you speak of, learn all his secrets
Then maybe I might
I might need more time

Lyrics By Jordan Daché and Walter "Spuddy" Gawlak
Track Name: Safe Distance
I'm going
no motion's steadily bringing me down
never knowing
if i'm home or on the road or moving around
I'll be deserted
i prefer it, I learn when I'm alone,
walking de-turret
never know if my target is gone
how do I say it
that simple phrase, I've been saying for days
but can't explain it
can't retain it please remain at a safe
distance and say that
every part you played was a game
there's so much space,
we need to move, no I wanna stay!

leave me low, I don't know what I'm feeling
easy come, easy go, for no reason
take me high, knock me low, it's appealing
in your mind while Im on the floor kneeling

every day it all feels like the same thing
you'll never change, but you'll always amaze me
rearrange all your things in the same place
make the case that you're cleaning to save space

from the basement below, where the search begins
to the attic, I know I'll never turn in
while we're at it, I'll add another bowl hit
so sporadic, but just enough to roll with

more delight form the moment you're near me
path in sight, but the light is all eerie
fear is ripe, but no danger is pressing
the time is right when I never feel ready